The Goodness Project partners with IHeart Radio to serve families in need in Nashville

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Christmas is a perfect time to give to families in need. When families face difficult times and encounter devastating situations, they need people to care and provide tangible help.

After 18 years in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, The Goodness Project opened a distribution center to serve the city of Nashville, Tennessee to partner with those who want to build a better community.

The Goodness Project partnered with iHeart Radio for a special Christmas outreach called iGIVE. Together, we are partnering to serve the needs of the community and give to families who are facing a crisis. 

On Thursday, December 13th, 2018, iHeart Radio gave away Nike shoes provided by the Goodness Project to families in need. These families had a wonderful Christmas by receiving the things they needed most. The Goodness Project and iHeart radio gathered around the Christmas tree to bless children with gifts and warm hugs to bring hope during the most wonderful time of the year.

We will continue to do other events througout the year and would love to partner with YOU to bring hope to families. Your monthly donation of $50 or $100 will help us to get resources that are needed the most to these families in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Give the gift of love and hope today.

Who we are
The Goodness Project, a non-profit organization serving families since 1999, brings relief to families who are in need or facing a devastating crisis by providing resources they need most.

Together, we can make a difference in our community and bring GOOD news by providing GOODNESS to those around us.

It’s more than charity, it’s about caring and loving families who need to know they’re valued, important and have something to offer this world. It’s about human beings caring for other human beings.

We can work together to transform communities. The Goodness Project is about bringing goodness to people.